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2009 saw the introduction of our first Cannabis Coin - the half ounce silver LEGALIZE IT coin. The reverse of the coin featured the best argument we could think of for cannabis legalization: Abusus Non Tollit Usum. In simple terms, this means abuse is no argument against proper use.

As it turns out, quite a few people agree with this idea - the small chance of abuse should no longer stand in the way of putting nature to good use recreationally, medicinally and industrially. And so, in just the last few years, several states have taken the bold step forward and ended cannabis prohibition.

Since 2012, eight states and the District of Columbia have passed legislation granting both medicinal and recreational use of cannabis.

To celebrate the evolution of civilization’s attitude towards cannabis, we are pleased to introduce for your consideration the LEGALIZED collection, soon to be a 50+ coin series commemorating each state’s bold move to recognize the value of cannabis and its citizens’ right to enjoy it. Join us as we mark these historic moments in solid 999 fine silver!

Cannabis Coin 2009


A brave pioneer in the cannabis legalization movement, Colorado passed Amendment 64 on November 6, 2012, becoming the first state in the USA to officially allow the personal, recreational use of cannabis and other products containing THC, for adults 21+, in similar fashion to the regulation of alcohol.

The movement was spearheaded by both religious and spiritual leaders, urging people to help eliminate wasteful & ineffective spending, allowing law enforcement to commit more resources to

violent crimes and decreasing pressure on an overburdened court and criminal justice system.

In the years since the law took effect, there have been a few bumps on the road for citizens and lawmakers, but the Colorado Department of Public Safety report shows the legalization effort clearly achieved the stated goals. Over a 3-year average, marijuana-related judicial proceedings have decreased 47%, and valuable resources have been shifted to educating on the safe use of cannabis and other intoxicants.

Tom Tancredo

Tom Tancredo
U.S. Representative

img"Throughout my career in public policy and in public office, I have fought to reform or eliminate wasteful and ineffective government programs. There is no government program or policy I can think of that has failed in such a unique way as marijuana prohibition."

Available Versions

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1oz Proof

39mm | 1.525”

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Abusus Non Tollit Usum

For more than 99% of its known history, the Cannabis Sativa plant has been an integral component of civilization. Cannabis, referred to simply as hemp when used, could be found across the globe in countless industrial, medicinal, dietary & spiritual applications. Quite possibly the world’s first agricultural crop, villagers near modern-day Taiwan cultivated cannabis for use as hemp cord in pottery more than 10,000 years ago.

Contrary to today’s political attitude, the law through history quite often mandated cannabis cultivation. Dating back to early American history in the Jamestown colony, colonial settlers harvested hemp for rope, clothing and ship sails. During times of war, farmers were required by law to produce as much of the versatile plant as possible. In modern times, hemp suffers from a century-long smear campaign. Labeled as dangerous and prone to abuse, governments worldwide have limited man’s access to the plant in an effort to protect us from nature.

hemp-fabric Hemp cord was used in ancient times for pottery and textiles

Cui Bono

As with most other irrational laws, follow the money to find the root of the injustice. With a quick search, you’ll discover that once again, the world’s most powerful industrial, media and banking elite conspired to criminalize hemp, as the invention of the decorticator posed a threat to their inferior fiber, paper and chemical concerns.

The naturally-occurring renewable resource in many ways lacked commercially-beneficial limitations, similar to JP Morgan’s infamous question to free energy proponent Tesla: “where do you put the meter?” As a result of racially-motivated vilification and competition-thwarting crony capitalism, hemp was renamed to marijuana, a Mexican slang term, and federal and state governments systematically declared hemp illegal in the first half of the twentieth century.

The War on Nature Drugs

It’s no surprise that the foolish prohibition of hemp continues largely to present day. After all, the industries surrounding cannabis prohibition earn billions each year in revenues. Besides the lost benefit to industry players that would be unusually hampered by hemp’s production, millions of people are employed to police, prosecute, incarcerate & rehabilitate “offenders”.

But most troubling today is the persistence of prohibition in the face of the growing awareness of hemp’s medicinal benefits. The chemical and industrial concerns of the early 20th century have largely taken a back seat to today’s profit-hungry pharmaceutical giants, bent on restricting natural and alternative medicine. Accounting for zero fatalities, and boasting an ever-growing list of scientifically-proven medicinal benefits, hemp is finally receiving recognition as a proven alternative in the treatment of many medical conditions and diseases. Why then does it continue to be regarded as a dangerous substance?.

The Tide is Turning

The Tide is Turning

Fortunately, years of fiscal irresponsibility, an overwhelming amount of scientific research and several high-profile admissions of error have resulted in a larger public questioning the vast waste that is the war on “drugs”.

Beginning with California in 1996, several state legislatures have taken the bold step of decriminalizing hemp, paving the way for greater research, understanding & use of the plant both medicinally and recreationally. Today, at least 30 states permit limited access to cannabis and THC products. The list of participating jurisdictions and the permission they grant is growing steadily.

Unfortunately, federal response to the shift signals that nature is not yet out of harm’s way. Ignoring the demands from the public to alter its position on hemp, the federal government has turned to a crusade of fear and intimidation in a final, bitter, irrational attempt to maintain control over the plant. Ignoring local laws & states’ rights, the Drug Enforcement Agency continues to exert pressure on farmers, dispensaries and consumers, even though they may be fully compliant with local laws. Raids, arrests and asset seizures persist to this day, in campaign of terror against the unstoppable movement.

Defund the War

Defund the War

There is no doubt that the federal government overreaches its constitutionally-limited boundaries. With record-low approval ratings and a record-high percentage of Americans that don’t trust the government, it’s a wonder how they’re able to continue enforcing laws and reeking havoc on the hemp movement.

One obvious reason is that the federal government controls the issuance of currency; money that businesses and consumers use each day to transact with each other is property of the Federal Reserve. The money that is used by the market to trade for one of nature’s greatest treasures is the same money used to supply federal agents with guns, flash-bang grenades, and other weapons used daily against its own citizens.

Introducing CannabisCoins.com

The most bold action you can take is to acquire and trade money that doesn’t support the system – silver, copper, gold & crypto-currency. Every dollar you take out of the banking network is one less that can be seized or spent on enforcement agents, prosecutors, wardens & others “just doing their jobs” in the name of an outdated & irrational set of laws, designed to keep mankind dependent upon the overlords. At CannabisCoins.com, we promote decentralized currencies that can be used by farmers, dispensaries & consumers to eliminate reliance on legacy structures, removing damaging contradictions that keep people stuck in the outdated patterns.

The goverment’s attempt to control our bodies and our rights has led to the real immorality and social injustice our society continues to experience.

Ditch the dollar and defund the war today.



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